Sell your item with us 

We will list carefully-selected items from third parties (prize providers). So if you have something you’re keen to sell, ask us to consider offering it as a prize. You could make more money than selling your item privately, as we’ll allocate tickets worth at least twice its value and give you 55% of sales if the tickets sell out. Even if we don’t sell all the tickets, you’ll still get 5% – so you’ll make some cash and get to keep or relist your item! 
What’s more, if we accept your item as a prize, we’ll list it for FREE. And unlike traditional ‘buy and sell’ services like auction sites, you won’t be inundated with annoying questions from time-wasters and over-eager buyers. All we ask is that you’re open and honest about the item’s and comply with our competition rules, which you’ll find in our Prize provider terms. 
Please note that we can’t list cash, holidays or ‘mystery prizes’ from third party prize providers, or anything illegal. 



Send us details of your item using the form below. 
If we’re happy to list it, we’ll be in touch to confirm the details. 
Your item will be listed on our site as a competition prize. 
When all the tickets have sold, or the competition has closed, the prize will be drawn. 
The item will be transferred to the winner and we’ll give you 55% of the total ticket sales, once the winner has received the item and confirmed that it’s as described. If all the tickets didn’t sell, you can release the prize to the winner at your discretion. OR we’ll give you 5% of ticket sales and you keep the item. OR, at our and your discretion, we can extend the competition time limit by the same length as the original time span up to twice, to allow time for more tickets to be sold. 
Unsold items can be relisted up to twice more, subject to our agreement. 
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