Hi, I’m Lauren aka Loz, you might have seen me on the Blitz videos over the past few months and have seen me posting in our Blitz Group. I thought it was about time that I introduced myself properly to our followers. So here goes… 
Quick facts 
● Born in April (I’m not telling you the year!) 
● Star sign Taurus, apparently this means I might be known for my stubbornness, the cheek! 
● I got married to my long term partner Joe (You might know him too) in February 2018 
● I have three children, two girls and a boy 
● We have two family dogs called Tyson and Rambo who are 8 and 17months 
● Favourite colour = purple 
● My first love after Joe, the kids and dogs is WINE 
● I have a phobia of fish, I’ll tell you more later 
● I’m a qualified scuba diver and have been since I was 12 
● My hobbies include cleaning (Mrs Hinch style), days out with the kids, and relaxing in front of the TV or in the garden 
● One of my favourite things to do is go out for meals with my friends or husband or have a flutter at the casino! 
● My gambling game of choice = roulette 
● I occasionally play online bingo and once won £9.5K 
So now you know quite a few things about me, but you are probably wondering how I got my fear of fish, despite being a scuba diver. I was on holiday with family, we had taken a boat out for the day and I was happily swimming in the sea. Then, a loaf of bread was thrown into the water right next to me and I kid you not, it was like a magnet to what felt like all the fish in the sea. They were everywhere! I was completely surrounded by these fish who were going insane for some bread, and I was stuck in the middle for what seemed like forever. My fear of fish is so bad that even the fishtank that used to live in my room when I was a child was covered with something heavy before going to bed so he couldn’t jump out and get me whilst I slept. 
Hopefully you feel like you know me a little better now, phobia and all! I’d love to hear about your biggest gambling wins or what you most like to gamble on, leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook and I’ll reply. Or make me feel better and tell me your phobia. 
Happy gambling! 
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